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It's very easy to make money with Google AdSense but most people who use AdSense advertising on their blogs and websites only make a trickle of pennies every day, it never amounts to much. Lots of people refuse to put AdSense on their sites because they figure the revenue from the space the ads occupy simply isn't worth their time, better to put an ad that has the chance to bring in a more substantial amount if the visitor clicks through.
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to implement AdSense on their sites is not reading Google's AdSense blog and Google's rules about ad placement to achieve the best click-through rates (CTRs). If you Google words like "website heat map" you will see a lot of research has been done into how visitors read pages, and the best eye-catching places to put ads on a page. If you use one of the many WordPress plugins that handle advertising, they know where the best places are on your page to place ads, and you can simply paste your AdSense ads into any of the widgets which are then placed in those optimum positions.
The other thing that is very important is reading the AdSense rules. I come across people frequently that have had their Google AdSense accounts suspended or closed because they did not read the simple rules. Basically you can't use underhanded techniques and try to fool people into thinking that AdSense ads are something else, and clicking on AdSense ads on your own site will get you banned fast.
There has been a lot of talk about making money from AdSense and there are a number of "guru" courses out there saying you can make thousands a week. The only way you could possibly make thousands a week from AdSense is by having a large number of sites. One technique is to find out what advertisers are willing to pay for click-throughs, and choosing niches pertaining to those products. Some advertisers are willing to pay over $20 for a click-through, of which you will get roughly 60%, the trick is to find these high paying ads and being able to build a site around them. It takes a lot of time and research and you will have to sign up with Google to get that information, but you'll have to anyway if you want to implement AdSense on any of your sites.
As with any kind of advertising on a website, don't put your eggs in one shopping cart. The best is to have a mix of advertising and monitor all ads to see which ones are working effectively, i.e. you are making money from it. If a certain size shape or style of advertising or specific ads for which you are an affiliate are not producing, change them to something else, and keep monitoring until you find the right placement and ads for your site.
Are AdSense sites a good idea? Blogs and forums on specific subjects are a great way to make a successful site to monetize with AdSense ads. If the forum is password protected it may prevent the bots from crawling your site, so consider making your forums open. The key is to find subjects for blogs and forums about subjects for which AdSense advertisers are willing to pay high costs. The bloggers and forum members create a site for you about the subject you choose, they add fresh content daily and you benefit from the revenue. Again I would always add other streams of revenue to those sites, but also include AdSense advertising in prominent positions. The work involved is like any other site; you have to keep building your traffic, because traffic means money.
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