Live Vantage And The Protandim Income Opportunity

Live Vantage And The Protandim Income Opportunity

By Keith L Scheafer

Life Vantage is a corporation that specializes in the distribution of anti-aging products; in the form of nutritional supplements. Its fundamental business structure, though, is based on working as a distributor which functions based on the collective distributions made by both the mother company as well as independently contracted agents. As of recently, this public organization is open to the general public as a source of financial revenue through the Protandim income opportunity program, which is noted on the Life Vantage home page.
As a corporation, the company offers a program called the LifeVantage Compensation Plan. This company boasts that its most valued quality as a source of income is that it has the potential to function as an endless resource for generating income; one that can be counted on in the future.
Depending on the actual effort and commitment dedicated to sales, the earning potential under the LifeVantage Compensation Plan is competitive. Essentially, Protandim income opportunity requires potential dealers to become knowledgeable about the product line as well as the biological chemistry and processes behind the products, so that they'll be able to deliver precise information about why products are legitimate. The more informed the dealer becomes, the more likely the products will, for the most part, sell themselves. 200
The Protandim product line includes both nutritional supplement, and a topical cream. The nutritional supplement, which are taken orally, work from the inside out; the topical creams work vice versa.
The dietary supplement works at the most rudimentary level of the cells microbiology. By taking the Protandim pills, the user is introducing a specific chemical process that will, in effect, cure the imbalance of the body's state of oxidation. By contrast, LifeVantage offers the topical cream called "True Science" which works at the dermatological level. This serum is applied on top of the actual skin and is not meant for any type of ingestion. Even though it is not ingested, like the oral supplement, it also used Protandim as the active ingredient to help rejuvenate cells to their more natural state. Some of its selling points are that it diminishes lines, and wrinkles, and that it promotes the appearance of a glowing look.
According to the scientists who are responsible for the chemical composition of the product, there is a natural process in the world that is associated with the chemical compound, oxygen. Although oxygen is something that we require as a necessity for living, it also has the potential to cause disease, or kill, when considered at the molecular cell level. The actual effect of the oxidation process on the cell can often be corrosion. This process of corrosion can lead to not only aging, but disease, either mild or severe. By taking Live Vantage's Protandim pills, scientists claim the damage to cells and corrosion can be minimized to a rate of only forty percent of corrosion; the biological rate of aging for someone with the biological age of 20 years.
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