How to Make $100 a Day With AdSense

Who else would love to make an easy $100 a day with AdSense, or contextual ads? Think that the days of earning big money on small advertisements are over? Think again! The truth is, you can earn a full income by turning your content into cash, and you don't even need to sell anything to really have success.
I'm going to describe a very simple process flow below, and it really does work wonderfully well for turning small blogs into significant profit centers, and I encourage you to try it for yourself if making money online has been a challenge.
Ready? Here are the steps, in sequential order:
Step 1: Pick a HIGH volume niche that has unusually high paying contextual ads (some of the best markets are finance, home loans, credit cards and credit repair, diet and weight loss, specialty dating, etc
Step 2: Create a community oriented Q and A blog that allows for rapid content creation. Content can literally be created on these style sites by simply asking questions, and providing answers that folks are searching for in your niche.
Step 3: Do a little bit of FREE keyword research. I recommend using the free keyword questions tool that is available online. It will literally tell you exactly what questions are being asked in any niche, or on any seed keyword, and allows you to quickly and easily take those very questions and use them as the titles on your new blog.
Step 4: Commit yourself to 90 minutes a day of on site content creation. I like to add 10 seed questions per day for about 10 days to jump-start the blog. This means simply asking questions as above, that are being asked in your niche, and as simple as this sounds, it really IS that easy!
Step 5: Write 2-5 traditional articles that you can syndicate to the article directories, who will publish them for you. This is a great way of getting an initial trickle of traffic, as well as having other authors and publishers in your niche pick up your content, and create natural links to your brand new blog. (and of course, this is a great way of announcing a new site to the search engines, and creating credibility in your community as well)
Step 6: Search for your high performing affiliate programs in your niche. I simply will do a search for the AdWords advertisers who are reviewing popular affiliate programs, or those who are using pay per click to buy traffic, and looking at the programs THEY are promoting. Why? Because if people are buying traffic and reviewing products on their landing pages that they "recommend" to their readers, you can bet that the affiliate programs are converting very well.

(and if they can afford to PAY for that traffic and make a profit, you can certainly make a profit with FREE visitors for sure!)
Step 7: Include questions and answers or reviews on the programs you picked to promote in step 6. While it's optimal to obviously be part of these affiliate programs, you don't even really need them to do well, as your AdSense or contextual ads will pay you handsomely on these pages as well.
Step 8? Rinse and repeat this process in as many niches as you want. I recently did a demonstration project where I created 100 new blog posts in 10 days using this system, and it literally took me less than 2 hours a day.
Remember - this is a strategy of SCALE. Don't do one of these and wait for a windfall of profits. Instead - do one at a time, use a system, have a structure and a sequence, and allow yourself the time required to succeed!
To get to the $100 a day mark?
The important thing is to pick high paying markets, keeping your content unique, and choosing a template for your Q and A community that converts well. If you set a goal of 50 clicks a day, with niches that pay 2 dollars per click and above (of which there are many) you can easily hit your goal within a few months, and totally part-time. But rather than trusting me that it works, I challenge you to try it, follow each step above, and prove it to yourself instead!
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