In Offline Editing Blogger Templates

Here we use the Add-On Firefox called Web Developer. Web developer Add-On is used for website creation. Having a complete tools to facilitate us in the process of website creation. In this case, the Add-on's we use to edit your Blogger template.

Here's how to install, I use Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and select Tools> Add-ons

2. Type in the search box Web Developer Add-Ons. Wait until Firefox finding results

3. Select a Web Developer and then click the Install button to Firefox

4. Click the Install Now button to begin installing the Add-Ons

5. Wait for the installation process runs until completion and then Restart Firefox (Firefox and reopen the lid)

6. If installation is successful, the Web Developer Toolbar will be installed

Offline editing blog templates are many benefits. The first must save cost Internet connections, and practical because the guns have to click the preview button repeatedly as online, and many others.

In the tutorial In Offline Editing Blogger Templates, we will edit the CSS code of the blog. Here are the steps

Step 1
Save Buddy HomePage blog by clicking File> Save Page (still in a state online)

Step 2
Turn off your internet connection and go to your blog HomePage who had been saved. Click on the CSS Web Developer toolbar and choose Edit CSS.

Appears a frame that contains the CSS code editor. Select the tab Embedded CSS Styles to see the code of your blog.

Note: Click the Position button to change the frame layout CSS code as you wish buddy.

Step 3
Edit the CSS code as you please, it's up to you because it's free ... hehehehehehe ...
O yes, your blog will instantly change to follow changes in the CSS code you are editing.

Then how to save our edits CSS code in order to proceed at a later time.

Immediately then. Here are the steps

Step 1
When finished editing the template, click the Save button and save it with a name that already exists (this file will be saved with the name of the Embedded Styles.css). After you save the CSS file, edit it offline templates you can proceed at a later time.

Step 2
To continue editing the template, open Firefox and click File> Open> then look HomePage blog buddy who has been at the Save the tutorial part 2.

Step 3
Open the CSS editor. Embedded Styles Select the tab and click the Open button. Find the file "Embedded Styles.css" which has been stored in step 1. After that you can continue to edit the templates according to your wishes ...


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