Increase Your AdSense Revenue by Working Smart and Not Too Hard

Even if your website is informational and does not actually sell a product directly, many webmasters are earning good residual income from Google AdSense. It's very easy to add to your site. AdSense ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the colors of the ads can even be adapted so they match your overall color scheme, you simply design, cut and paste.
Most people just cut and paste and hope for the best, and consequently never make more than a few pennies a day from AdSense, even after following the Google AdSense blog and reading everything there is to know about AdSense. After a while many give up with AdSense and try other methods to fill up those small pieces of valuable real estate, which is the space on their blogs and websites.
Unfortunately to earn the big bucks with AdSense - or indeed any type of advertising, the secret is to have lots of websites. If you normally only earn $10 a week from AdSense, then if you have 10 websites, earning $100 a week looks a lot more enticing. Trouble is, could you handle owning 10 websites? There's enough work with one or two, and if you had to outsource the writing of 10 articles every few days, is it actually worth it?
I know people that own hundreds of sites and they make a good living from affiliate ads and Google AdSense. It sounds like a nightmare, but by working smart it is possible.
Of course the secret to success is getting visitors to those sites and working on backlinks and blog commenting and article writing and, oh my - what a lot of work! Too much work for one person, or even two.
You can outsource just about everything, including link building, article writing and blog commenting. If you start making a good income from your AdSense advertising after a while you should decide which task takes you the most time and outsource it, then follow with other tasks that are time-consuming.
The key is to find what works for you. If you have dozens of sites, you can measure how much each blog or site is making by using Google's Channel feature which allows you to monitor each of your site's performance. If a site is getting good traffic but failing to make money, there is always the option to sell it. Many people buy ready-made sites that have some age and traffic.
The secret to doing anything is work smart but not too hard. Easy to say in the beginning but once you find a system that works for you, your AdSense revenue should increase exponentially.
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