Traditional Prospecting Methods

By Ajibola Obe

I am not writing this article to knock the traditional method of getting prospects. It has obviously worked for many and most people in the MLM industry still use it. I am just saying that that there are far more effective ways of building an MLM business in the modern age. I will explain why in this day and age it is important to learn how to generate quality MLM leads. Bear in mind that you will be paid commissions and bonuses in MLM company depending on the successes of the businesses you have helped established. You do not want non active downlines in your business.
I think many people still struggling in Network Marketing are in denial. They are hoping that someday their hard work will bear fruits. Quite often people are asked by their leaders to come to a seminar or function with the hope that the speaker will ignite a spark in them. They leave the meeting room fired up and ready to face the world with the business idea. They get the same disappointing results from prospects, return to the next business meeting and find to their frustration, people walking across stage at new income levels. And they wonder what what they are doing that is making them successful.
You can force a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink water so says the old adage. You may persuade people some how to join your Network Marketing business but you cannot force to become active if they cannot find the motivation to build their business within themselves.
When you do eventually sponsor people into your MLM business, some complain about the hard work it takes to build a Network Marketing business and quit. Some do absolutely nothing and nothing you do or say to motivate them will make them do anything. Some will wait for you to spoon feed them before they do anything. Yet, we are told by our leaders to speak to everyone we meet about out business opportunity. The question is, should you have sponsored them in the first place if they are not suitable for your business?
These are the struggles a lot of Network Marketers are facing which is the direct result of poor techniques taught by leaders in the MLM industry. Why is all your hard work not leading you to quality prospects?
The reasons are:
a) Most people you meet do not qualify to be Network Marketing business owners in the first place. Most people do not have the entrepreneurial mentality to face the challenges of building an MLM business. Most have a 9-5 mentality and these are the people we are talking to about owning a business. I am sure that if there is a test to determine who is a genuine Network Marketer, most people (about 97% to 99%) will fail the test and woefully too. The painful fact is majority of people sponsored into an MLM business will not do anything. Which means the time and resources spend in sponsoring them is wasted. Think about this, would you continue to spend huge amounts of cash on a vehicle that keeps knocking or would you consign it to the scrap yard and buy another one?
b) Some people who do join an MLM business join because they are persuaded into it not because they wanted to join in the first place. And they were not property qualified to determine if they truly want a Network Marketing business. After a short stay in the business they develop buyer's remorse and quit at the earliest opportunity.
c) We sometimes assume that people who complain about their current situation in life are looking for an opportunity. This is not necessarily true and I've learnt this the hard way. Many people (if not most) are happy to just complain but do not have the motivation or desire to free themselves from financial bondage. Unfortunately, some of these people somehow make it into our Network Marketing and we a surprised when they produce nothing.
d) Some people join the MLM industry with the expectation that it will be a ticket to easy money. They are disappointed when they learn that it takes lots of work. Anyone who says that making money in Network Marketing is easy is trying to deceive you. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop just like any other business.
If you are very active in Network Marketing and invest a lot of time and money into building your business, It is important that you get returns for your efforts. Sponsoring poor quality prospects is one reason why people are not turning a profit in Network Marketing. I am not knocking face-to-face prospecting but there are more effective ways of finding people. It is important that you use effective qualifying techniques. This will make sure that you are only adding quality leads to your business and people who want to develop a Network Marketing business.
Getting quality leads can be done far more effectively online than offline as leads can be qualified with the use of an effective funnel. Most funnels include a call to action which requires that prospects carry out an activity (such as putting their details in a landing page). Those that do carry out this activity are at least interested in knowing about the business you are offering. So, even if you want to stick to traditional methods of prospecting, it makes sense to also learn how to generate quality MLM leads online.
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Ajibola Obe

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