Simple Guidelines to Keep Your AdSense Account Safe

Many of the web publishers and free website owners rely on the AdSense ad revenues. However, it is not quite simple. This article will help most of the AdSense account holders and yes, I am writing this on the basis of my own painful experiences. It is very difficult to moderate the activities of users on any web portals. You need not to moderate all the time, just read go through this article and you will feel somewhat relaxed.
The websites with original and unique content are always best fit the AdSense, but make sure that you obtain copyrights from DMCA, or freecopyrights etc. Never copy the content from other sites and paste it in to your content site, due to this your site will be penalized by most of the search engines and this will impact to your incoming traffic and your PageRank factor will get decreased. Use copyscape or any other similar tool to check the whether somebody has copied your content, make this as a regular habit; If you come across any such issues just complain to dmca to get those content removed from other sites who have copied your content. The large portals like classifieds, articles, directories, social networking sites, dating, auctions are good to increase your revenue but the thing is all these sites may contain links to other sites, in case if such links are not compliance with AdSense then this will become a threat to your site. Dating sites are good but it should not contain any abusive materials, photos or contents and any links to adult or porn sites, its mostly because of bad external links the publishers get disabled their account. For those who owns any large web portals then you can avoid those external links get indexed web spiders or robots.
Never use paid advertising methods to generate your AdSense revenue. Never purchase traffic from unknown sources or those who are not reputed. If the paid advertising becomes necessary, then spend minimum cost on it. Try to optimize the website and try to get organic web traffic rather than purchasing paid traffic, this risks your AdSense account. Never share the URL of your blogs and websites when their is not necessary. Do not inform to anyone about your site's existence, you can avoid invalid click activity. Try to follow the AdSense policies up to your best. Don't put your ad codes into a newly launched website. Take your time to bring some traffic and perform the initial paid advertising, create a track of minimum visitors for your site in the web records. Do some SEO, build links and try to elevate your website page rank. Then you are safe to display ads in your site. Be responsive and participate in the forum to get immediate help and support other members also if its possible.
A sudden raise in the CTR is not good for any site and a high CTR is not good for large portals. Be responsive and alert about your AdSense account. Use stat counter to monitor your web traffic. There are many other measures but these are important and it should be considered always.
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