Tips On How To Make Extra Cash From Your Blog

Tips On How To Make Extra Cash From Your Blog
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This time I will share Regarding Latest Wordpress Plugin
Blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc. have been improving on their efforts to make money making from blogs easier and faster. These improvements have been the force driving more online users into starting a blog for their own slice of the income. Here are few ways to make extra cash from your blog:
Only recently, Blogger integrated Amazon products into its various income sharing schemes. With this addition, you can simply open an amazon associate account and have it linked to your blogger account. Just from blogger account, you'll be able to add related Amazon products to any of your post and earn a percentage commission whenever a visitor makes a purchase on amazon from the product link on your blog. This is a major boost to affiliate in that it eliminates the task of copying and pasting HTML codes.
Google AdSense is another popular income stream. There is almost no online fortune seeker who has not heard of it. Well for those who don't have knowledge of it, it is an income sharing program by Google in which you display Google ads on your site and make little profits whenever a visitor clicks on them. The good part is that these ads relate with the topic and content on your blog which makes it a good starting point for you.
It actually does not pay as much as Amazon does unless you find your way around it. They basic key is to make sure your blog attracts a lot of visitors to increase the possibility of your ads getting clicked. Adding AdSense to your blog doesn't necessarily require you to copy and paste HTML codes; you just need to open an AdSense account at, get you publisher ID and then conveniently activate it through the monetize tab on your Dashboard.
Lastly, you can rent advert spaces on your blog to marketers and advertisers who want to leverage on the high traffic your blog may be getting. For a lot of beginners, getting traffic to their new website or blog is always a hard task, so once they can place text or banner adverts on your highly trafficked blog, they also get a share of it while you make extra income.
Note that for you to offer this service, your blog must be pooling in a reasonable amount of steady visitors, so you might want to improve on your traffic generating efforts.
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