View Ads And Paid in Clixsense

Income from the Internet, guaranteed to be 100% paid.
 Have you ever imagined by looking at advertising on the internet (just look at it, do not need to read well or too detailed) You can get paid in dollars? When you become a member Clixsense, it's not something impossible.

What is Clixsense? How does it work?
Clixsense is an advertising company in the virtual world in America. Clixsense provide the opportunity for members to earn money by clicking and view the ads that appear on the member's area ClixSense. Income provided to ClixSense members come from the advertisers who display ads at ClixSense.

You, your cousin, your friend, or whoever it may be a member of the ClixSense.
Restriction of the ClixSense is only one account per one household. That is, it does not matter if you, your sister, your Aunt or Uncle and both became members of the ClixSense, for a different place to live. Once you become a member of the ClixSense, you will have the opportunity to click on the links provided by the ClixSense advertising and get paid $ 0.01 (1 cents) - $ 5 for every ad you see. Income you get and collect from seeing the ads will be paid by ClixSense to you via check, with a minimum payment of $ 10. But if you are interested to take advantage of your income such as the cost to advertise on ClixSense, you too can do it.

Calculation of income.
Now, let us compute the amount of income you might get by becoming a premium member ClixSense.

  • When the price of the ads displayed are the lowest, at $ 0.01, so if a day you see the 200 pieces of advertising, you will get $ 2.
  • If you only see it once a day iklan2, then within 30 days (one month), you'll receive $ 60.
  • Plus, when you refer others to become members of the ClixSense, you will get 10% of the person's income each time he clicks and see the ads.

How, quite profitable, is not it? You do not need to allocate special time to open up these ads, while browsing can, too. With the duration of each ad 30 seconds, then to see 200 ads you need about 1.5 hours. However, if you want to allocate a separate time to click iklan2 it, be sure to allow approximately 2 hours per day to achieve a fairly decent income from ClixSense.

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