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This afternoon I was quite surprised when performing in cashout process. Why not? In less than 5 seconds, cashout funds received in my AlertPay account. Even though the amount is not large, but I think this really deserve to be followed.

Almost the same as PTC (Paid To Click) that other, also pay us to see the commercials that appear on our web browser.

But wait, there are several principles that distinguish it from its competitors!
Payments are Instan.Seperti that I wrote at the beginning of this post, the cashout is less than 5 seconds. Compare with other PTC PTC-reach up to more than 60 working days. Payments much faster it is helping cash flow arrangements (cash flow) us.

Minimum Payment Terms Lightweight.

In, the first payment is at least $ 2. For next time, minimum payment will increase by $ 1. So for the second payment is $ 3, $ 4 third, fourth for $ 5, and so on, until the ninth to the above payment is $ 10. It is also very easy for new players to do the cashout process as soon as possible.

Different Referral System

FOLLOWING proof of payment

Instant processes
Almost all the processes in place instantly, ranging from leasing and replacement referral process to purchase raffle tickets to win money and referrals. This is of course very helpful and we do not have to wait so long.

Ok, after seeing many advantages, certainly not wrong when many people call as PTC's most innovative today.

Let soon join me in!

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